It ain’t christmas without sherry! Of course there are plenty, but for me personally it’s Harveys Bristol… Read more.


First came the appetiser, second the liver … Today I’ll begin with the starter.

First ingredient: chicken, duck … Read more.


The liver comes along resting on a sexy grill striped dressed mango slice with red pepper. What else? Wait till tomorrow!… Read more.


Red onion and fig chutney. Tangy and sweet, juicy and reduced to it’s basics.

Concept, prep, recipe, food styling… Read more.


Don’t you just love the smell of fresh and steamy brioche?

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Now imagine some tender, soft and creamy liver, juicy mango slices and homemade red onion and fig chutney resting on a toasted… Read more.


To complete the first course Jürgen Hammer recommends a 2010 Riesling QbA from the Weiser-Künstler vineyard in Traben … Read more.


I am from Hamburg and I do like my fish! Salmon trout for example. Straight from the hook and grilled over gas, as a filet or … Read more.


Along with the fish comes some fresh horseradish cream. So tearful but so scrummy.

Concept, prep, recipe, food styling … Read more.


A gay mix of colours. That’s the christmas potato and fennel gratin, soaking in creamy sauce and toped by freshly … Read more.