Exhibition: Chess Boxing.

The June 2011 event: London vs Berlin. I have never been to a Chess Boxing fight before. Great fun and atmosphere! So fascinating that once in a while I forgot to shoot … The event was organised by the Chess Boxing Club Berlin and the WBCO and took place in the Tape Club Berlin. If you are interested in a test training just drop by the CBCB Tues, Weds and Thus 20:00-21:30h in the Gormannstraße 13, Berlin.

Spieß & Schumacher are great supporters of the sport and arts. Yesterday was the opening of an exhibition showing my Chess Boxing photos from the London vs Berlin event. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us as well as the CBCB and Spieß & Schumacher for their support.

If you’d like to have a peek yourself contact me so we can arrange a private viewing: nina@ninazimmermann.com

Client/Club: cbcberlin.de

WBCO: wcbo.org

Event location: tapeberlin.de

Exhibition location (private viewing by appointment only): spiess-schumacher.de


BW Quartett, 4x 40x60cm


Chess Boxer 1, 120x80cm


Chess Boxer 3, 120x80cm


Chess Boxing 2, 80x120cm


Chess Boxing 5, 100x150cm


Chess Boxing 4, 80x120cm


Chess Boxing 3, 80x120cm


Chess Boxer 2, 120x80cm


Chess Boxing 1, 120x80cm


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