Archive found | midsummer.

The other day I was putting together a client-portfolio and found this little treasure.

Since today was a bit sunny and I can sense the spring already I feel like sharing:
A lovely midsummer crayfish feast in a private garden … Read more.

Personal Work | AC12 – completed.

Die Stadttanne | Freie Arbeit zur Adventszeit 2012
Inspiriert von Rainer Maria Rilke

Du wacher Wald, inmitten wehen Wintern
hast du ein Frühlingsfühlen dir erkühnt,
und leise lässest du dein Silber sintern,
damit ich seh, wie deine Sehnsucht grünt.

Und … Read more.

Personal Work | AC12.

The AC12 can now be ordered!

Every year I produce one personal work and share it as an advent calendar. It’s always related to christmas but totally compatible with every other time and feel of the year as well.

This … Read more.

Personal work | AC12.

It’s time for another AC-project !!!

This year’s calendar will cover a complete different topic.

Of course I cannot tell you what, since the joy of an advent calendar is the surprise effect, but the outcome will be a piece … Read more.