Day one | Reeperbahn Festival 2012

Speech Debelle Reeperbahn Festival

Yesterday the seventh Reeperbahn Festival kicked off. Again with an amazing line up. Results of day one with Nadéah, the Yellow Lounge presenting Spark and Max Richter, Speech Debelle, Helmut, Graham Coxon, Karin Park and Socalled.

Day two piles up with great names as well … stay tuned.

Agency | client:

Nadéah | Pearls Table Dance

David CanisiusYellow Lounge | Grünspan

Spark | Yellow Lounge | Grünspan

Speech Debelle | Docks

Helmut | Angie’s Nightclub

Graham Coxon | Docks

Max Richter | Vivaldi Recomposed | Yellow Lounge | Grünspan

Karin Park | Prinzenbar

Socalled | Angie’s Nightclub

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